Traditional (Metal) Braces for Adults and Kids

With all of the advances in orthodontic technology, it might seem like traditional braces are a thing of the past. But despite newer innovations like clear braces or Invisalign trays, metal braces have managed to remain the standard when it comes to straightening teeth.


These Aren’t The Orthodontic Braces That You’re Used To

Shocked? Don’t be. Today’s metal braces are sleeker and have much smaller brackets. But, while the size of metal orthodontic braces may have changed, their personalization options remain the same. Patients don’t have to worry about flashing a metal mouth braces smile. They can still choose the colorful rubber bands that best reflect their personal style.


We Make Traditional Braces Fun

Beth’s Braces believes that braces can be enjoyable for the whole family. We offer the latest technology so you’ll always have a comfortable experience with quality results. And don’t be surprised if we get you to participate in one of our fun office contests. Here, we treat you like family. We also go above and beyond to provide comprehensive, compassionate service in a friendly, patient-centered environment.

Anyone can send you off with a mouth full of metal teeth braces. We want you to leave our office with a beautiful healthy smile — and the feeling that we truly do care about you.

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