Specializing in 5 Types of Braces


Clear aligners are clear removable trays that are formed to the teeth. The trays place pressure on the teeth in certain places to help move the teeth to their correct positions.


Metal braces are generally the smallest in size and can be decorated with colorful ties, while clear braces are made out of a ceramic material instead of metal which makes them less noticeable on your teeth.

Lingual Braces

Lingual Braces are braces that go on the back sides (tongue side) of the teeth instead of on the outside (cheek side). Lingual braces are the most aesthetic option because they hide on the inside of the mouth while the front sides of the teeth stay clean.

Early Treatment

Dr. Beth sees patients starting at age 6 to help families prepare early for braces if they are necessary. This helps both patients and parents make a smooth and easy transition into treatment when they’re ready.


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Why do I need braces?

Many dental problems can be fixed with the help of orthodontic treatment, but two of the main reasons why people need braces are spacing and crowding.


Spacing is when the teeth erupt too far apart from one another, or when a tooth is smaller than usual, causing spaces to exist between the teeth. Sometimes a person may have a space because they’re missing a tooth or because they have an impacted tooth (a tooth that never erupted). In these cases, braces can be used to help a tooth that is stuck and get it to erupt into place. Or if a tooth is missing, braces can help arrange the existing teeth back into an ideal position so that the dentist can replace the missing tooth with a restoration such as an implant or bridge.


Crowding occurs when the teeth grow in (erupt) too close together in the mouth or when a tooth is larger than the space that’s available for it, causing the teeth to overlap.

Bite Misalignment

Some other, less obvious, reasons why people need braces are when the biting relationship between the top and bottom teeth are misaligned.

  • If the lower teeth are too far back, this causes a gap to form between the top and bottom front teeth that people commonly refer to as an overbite.

  • Sometimes the lower teeth can stick out further than the top teeth making it harder to bite into objects with the front teeth. This is commonly referred to as an underbite.

  • In some cases a person’s bite may not match up because of a difference in jaw sizes. In these cases braces may be able to modify a person’s growth and improve not only their bite, but their other facial features as well such as the lips and chin!

If you think you may have one of these issues, schedule a consult with us and we can help you determine what’s the best way to improve your dental health and help you obtain your dream smile.


Orthodontics is about more than improving your teeth

Straightened teeth, bite correction, and jaw alignment are all technical reasons to undergo orthodontic treatment. But at Beth’s Braces, we feel that orthodontics is about much more than improving your teeth. We know that a beautiful, confident smile is a pathway to a better happier life and we strive to achieve that for each patient.  It all begins with our friendly and relaxed environment.

A perfected smile can lead to increased confidence and all the benefits that go with it for you or your child. We also find that 90% of the time, correcting your smile is a lot easier than people realize. Let us work with you to achieve your goals.