How Much Do Braces Cost?


When most patients consider orthodontic care, one thing that might concern them is the cost of braces. It makes sense! We're all worried about staying within our budgets. And while everyone wants a great smile, it's important to know what we're getting into. Ultimately, braces are an investment for the future, and that comes at a price.

Nationally, the average cost of braces is between $5,000 and $6,000. However, this depends on a number of different factors. Read on to find out more!

How Much Do Braces Cost for Kids?

According to The American Association of Orthodontists, or AAO, the most common age to begin orthodontic treatment is between 9 and 14. However, the AAO also recommends early treatment and screenings for children around age 6 or 7. This is because many of the issues that could affect them later life begin around this time.

The cost of braces for kids may be lower or higher than that of adults, depending on the situation. For instance, some dental insurance plans cover more of the cost for those under 18. On the other hand, if a child requires prolonged treatment, or does not keep up with proper oral health while wearing braces, it could extend the overall cost. It's important to find out exactly what your child needs. Once that is determined, you can check with your insurance provider to get an accurate price estimate.

How Much Do Braces Cost for Adults?

As mentioned, dental insurance plans may be less likely to pay for adult treatment. This could happen if they determine the orthodontic treatment is for cosmetic purposes, rather than medical. A proper examination will help determine the kind of treatment you require which will help make this distinction. The cost of braces for adults usually comes down to the extent of service you need and the style of braces you want.

How The Type of Braces Can Impact Cost

For both adults and kids, there are options for different types of braces. These affect the cost of braces, though it still comes down to what is best for the patient in terms of treatment. Here are some of the differences to consider.

Traditional Braces

They're still around for a reason! Traditional metal braces are a good choice for many patients. For those who need a bit more extensive care, the durability of traditional braces can lead to less overall treatment time than other options. This could lower the total cost of braces in the long run.


The average cost is about the same, but Invisalign braces tend to be more affordable for patients who need minor alignments. These removable clear aligners are comfortable, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing. As such, Invisalign is a worthwhile investment for many people.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are installed on the inside of the teeth. They are concealed but offer an efficiency similar to that of traditional braces. This combination works well for a lot of patients. However, depending on the individual, lingual braces might be more difficult to install and maintain, which can lead to higher-than-average costs.

The Cost of Braces Always Depends on Your Needs

When it comes down to it, the cost of braces relates directly to what is necessary for you or your child. The types of dental issues, preparation and length of service required will have the biggest impact. These will also determine the best type of braces to choose, so it's important to see an orthodontist to find out what's best.

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