Why is Invisalign Teen a Great Alternative to Metal Braces?

In this day and age, there are f many different kinds of orthodontic treatment types to choose from. We have options from metal brackets to braces that are behind your teeth and Invisalign (or clear aligners), which is one of the most popular options. When it comes to teenagers, they usually want what is going to look the best and be the most convenient. This is why Invisalign Teen is a great option for your preteen or teenager! Here are some reasons why Invisalign Teen is the best!

1.) Clear appearance: Invisalign is a clear tray that wraps around your teeth making them virtually invisible. Your teenager can wear the tray and nobody will notice!

2.) No diet change: With braces, you are not allowed to eat anything hard or sticky because those types of foods can potentially break a bracket or worse. With Teen Invisalign, there is no diet restrictions because they are completely removable! All your teen has to do is take the tray out before eating and put it in the case until they finish. Easy right?!

3.) Hygiene: Invisalign makes it easy to brush and floss! Just like eating, all you have to do is take the tray out and continue with your regular routine, versus braces where you will have to take extra time out of your day to make sure they are clean.

4.) Sports: When deciding which type of treatment is best for your teenager, sports could definitely be the deciding factor. Invisalign makes it so there will be no lifestyle change. Your child can continue to do what they love.

5.) Appointments: Invisalign teen appointments are generally quicker with  less chair time than any other type of treatment. Also, Invisalign Teen appointments are every 6-8 weeks versus every 4 weeks for other types of orthodontic treatment.

There are so many other reasons why Invisalign Teen is a great option for your child, so schedule your complimentary consultation today by giving us a call at (702) 706-2468!