Holidays and Braces Emergencies

The holiday season is upon us! This time of year is festive, filled with delicious foods, and love is all around. You are gathered with your family and friends and, suddenly, you feel your braces poking you in the back of your mouth. UH OH. Here are some tricks to help you out this holiday season!

1.) You have a poking wire: Try using an eraser from a pencil to push the poking wire down. If this doesn't work, grab some wax and put it on the poking wire. 

2.) Loose wire: Grab some tweezers and try putting the wire back into the tube. If the wire won't go back into the tube, try putting wax on it until you can come into the office and have it fixed. 

3.) Broken band or bracket: If it still attached to the wire, leave it where it is. If it is bothering you, then use some wax to ease the irritation and hold it in place. If the bracket fell off, put it in a plastic bag and bring it to your next appointment.

4.) Soreness: Soreness is normal with braces and Invisalign. The soreness will feel kind of like a headache in your mouth. If it is bothering you, go ahead and take Ibuprofen or whatever you would take for a headache and it will pass within 2 or 3 days. 

Long story short, be sure to get some extra wax from us before the holidays and anything else you may need! Beth's Braces would like to wish all of you a happy holidays and a happy new year!