Start Earning Points Today!

What is Patient Rewards Hub? 

Here at Beth's Braces, we offer an amazing opportunity to be rewarded for being such an awesome patient! If you have great oral hygiene, show up on time for your appointment, wear your rubber bands, etc, you will receive patient points that will go towards gift cards! You can get any gift card you want! All you have to do is click on the patient card on our website and log into your account. If you want a gift card that is not on the website, than be sure to tell a Beth's Braces team member and we will be sure to get it for you! 

How can I earn more points?

We offer tons of ways to earn more points! There are the main appointment points which are: showing up on time for your appointment, having great oral hygiene, wearing your elastics, and not having anything broken or loose. We also have fun contests, in-office games, quizzes, etc. You can ask any Beth's Braces team member how to get more points and we are more than willing to help you! 

Patient of the Month

If you come in for your appointment and get all of your points, than you will be entered into our patient of the month drawing! At the end of each month, we will pick a name from the bowl and it could be you! You can win anything from a gift card to your favorite restaurant to a water pick! Every month has a different gift and it will always be personalized to what you like!

I mean who doesn't want FREE MONEY?